Welocome to my blog. I’m Hanna, Ukrainian currently living in Indonesia. In august 2013 I came here on scholarship program to study, but very soon understood that it’s not gonna happen, so I decided to focus completely on my second goal: travel and enjoy my life, discovering Indonesia. I’ve noticed that travelers can be divided on two categories: those who seek for culture and those who prefer nature. I belong to the first group. I am here to discover cultures, different lifestyles, understand mindsets and try to live like a local.

I’s my 7th month in Indonesia. I’ve visited few islands and saw few incredible things but my journey is not ending yet!

I have already been to Sumatra, Bali, Gilies, Lombok, Komodo and Rinca, Flores and South of Sulawesi. And also explored Jawa since I live here.

I’ve been to few countries before coming to Indonesia: USA (3 month), India (5 weeks), short trips to Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria), Warsaw (Poland) and Moskow (Russia), Istambul (Turkey).

In Moni, Flores

I am a graduate of National University of Kyiv-Mohyla academy and finished 1 out of 2 years Master program in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Still one year to go.

In Ukraine I was working as a reporter at intellectual project Innovations.com.ua from Kyiv-Mohyla Business school and i was doing few more things…

I am interested in marketing, traveling, yoga, people and food. I love books, smart conversations and making plans for the future.

Since my ability to speak and write Ukrainian declined significantly in last few month and my international friends also want to hear about my traveling and life in Indo, I’m writing articles in English although it’s my second language. In this blog I will share my personal experience and interests. Hope you’ll like it. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. гарний блог. радий, Аню, що завела і ведеш. вордпрес спільнота росте! додай трохи інфи про себе в ебаут, або напиши якийсь анекдот тощо..

    • Дякую за пораду. Правда, спочатку я хотіла зробити його анонімним, але не склалося 🙂 Ще будуть перетрубації з дизайном і структурою – напишу.

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