The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama

the art of happiness It was my first book about Buddhism recommended by friend who I met in India. After visiting Dharamshala and participating on Dalai Lama’s lecture in summer 2012, it was essential for me to read something about one of world religions that I see more as philosophical tradition.

The book is written by American psychiatrist Howard Cutler. During years he had conversations with Dalai Lama about ways to have a better life. I love the writing style of the author and the language he uses as it is very easy to understand. Also combination of interviews and quotation of Dalai Lama’s opinions with his own reflection from conversation and views of western scientific thought on particular topics. Here are my favorite quotes from the book:

The very purpose of our life is to seek happiness. Continue reading


Філіп Котлер: “10 смертних гріхів маркетингу”


Інформація в книзі “10 смертних гріхів маркетингу” здалась мені надзвичайно знайомою: більшість кейсів я особисто вже розбирала, багато інформації я чула на лекціях декількох спікерів. Вся ця прочитана- почута  мною інформація не узагальнюється – а буквально читається уривками. Дивне відчуття дежавю.

В книжці 140 сторінок, написаних/перекладених дуже простою мовою, – я прочитала за вечір. Книга є однією з базових (це ж Філіп Котлер 🙂 ), – там дуже детальні описи загальновідомих понять типу SWOT і PEST аналізів. Тобто, якщо ви вже начитані маркетинговою літературою, цю книгу можна читати лише по заголовках 🙂 . Приклади дуже очевидні.

Ось вони – 10 смертних гріхів: Continue reading

Consumerism as the way of oppression

What is a system? It can be defined as a structure that consists of the set of elements that are connected and cooperate with each other. A system, as a sum of the elements, has more characteristics than each of its components by itself. The society is a system. It is hard to identify what is initial a whole or a part from which the whole is formed. Nowadays we live in the surroundings that are based on neoliberal ideas that penetrate every part of our lives. We believe in the ideals of democracy, natural human rights, capitalistic model of economics. Continue reading