Trying snake's blood in Indonesia

It happened 365 days ago. It’s how I spent my last B-day 🙂
3 snakes were killed in front of me and I tried kobra goreng (fried cobra) and snake’s blood that was mixed with alcohol.
I can tell that cobra’s meat has the most incredible taste in comparison to others I had chance to tried (dog, bat, frog). It looks like chicken but tastes like fish.


Turkish Fish Sandwiches

Some time ago I travelled to Turkey. It was during the fall. I still remember delicious fish sandwiches I tried in Istanbul.

Today I want to share the preparation process of this Turkish street food with you.

Martabak. A Bite Of Indonesia. The Documentary

I studied in Indonesia 1 year. During my studies I had assignment to make a short video about an aspect of Indonesian culture. Me and my friend Ola chose food, particularly Martabak, street food  that is popular in Asia. We tried to show that cuisine represents culture by being a huge part of people’s routine. That’s why learning about food, its preparation process and way of eating, is important for understanding culture in general. For example, Martabak is being made only during evenings in Indonesia and is being sold only as a take-away food.

We started from the idea: food as a part of everyday habits and culture of eating. Went specific to Martabak because it has interesting way and place of preparation and time of consumption. Continue reading