Moving to Indonesia: Survival Guide


When I was moving to Indonesia for a year in August 2013 I knew so little about this country. I new that: many people are Muslims, it’s a developing country, there are volcanoes and earthquakes and that Bali island is main holiday destination. And also I knew one Indonesian girl – Mala, whom I met during volunteering in India one year before.

Here is the list of things you have to keep in mind when planning to move to Indonesia:

1. City

Probably you imagine Indonesia as a paradise with white-sand beaches and palm trees around your hammock. But most of the times reality is different. As many others Asia’s cities, Indonesian urban areas are very crowded, air is polluted and streets are dirty.

First of all think what you need for the comfort stay in this tropical country. From holiday style Bali, to business centre – Jakarta, to remote and wild Flores – there is something for everybody. Continue reading


Happiness is the Path


or My Reasons to Travel

Some time ago, Viet – my friend from Vietnam asked me why I am so excited about travelling. At that moment I could not give him complete answer, I just said that it changed me a lot and made me a better person. Now I want to tell you why:

1. Places


Natural spots: hike in Himalayas or enter volcanic crater, swim in natural hot spring in the middle of the rice fields or take shower in the waterfall in the middle of the jungle. This reminds that I am a child of the Mother Nature: careless, young and free. Continue reading

Martabak. A Bite Of Indonesia. The Documentary

I studied in Indonesia 1 year. During my studies I had assignment to make a short video about an aspect of Indonesian culture. Me and my friend Ola chose food, particularly Martabak, street food  that is popular in Asia. We tried to show that cuisine represents culture by being a huge part of people’s routine. That’s why learning about food, its preparation process and way of eating, is important for understanding culture in general. For example, Martabak is being made only during evenings in Indonesia and is being sold only as a take-away food.

We started from the idea: food as a part of everyday habits and culture of eating. Went specific to Martabak because it has interesting way and place of preparation and time of consumption. Continue reading

The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama

the art of happiness It was my first book about Buddhism recommended by friend who I met in India. After visiting Dharamshala and participating on Dalai Lama’s lecture in summer 2012, it was essential for me to read something about one of world religions that I see more as philosophical tradition.

The book is written by American psychiatrist Howard Cutler. During years he had conversations with Dalai Lama about ways to have a better life. I love the writing style of the author and the language he uses as it is very easy to understand. Also combination of interviews and quotation of Dalai Lama’s opinions with his own reflection from conversation and views of western scientific thought on particular topics. Here are my favorite quotes from the book:

The very purpose of our life is to seek happiness. Continue reading