2015 Year in Review

Hi loves,
This year was a bit controversial for me.

People say, a lot of stuff happened in my life during the year. However, I don’t remember many of the things probably because of the eternal summer here in Malaysia. Every day seems the same. Time flies dramatically, though.

Let’s start:

After the happiest year of my life that I spent in Indonesia, enjoying my life fool of freedom and adventures, 2015 seemed very unsatisfying at times.

Many times I was not sure what I am doing at this point of life and what should I be doing next.
Many times I felt bored, tired and confused.
Many times I felt satisfied with the skills I gain, work I did and projects I accomplished.
Many times I felt self-respect for the strength I have.

And how many times I felt grateful for the amazing people that I met here, who inspired and guided me during this year!

2015 year in review:

Came to Malaysia
Petronas Twin Towers, KL, heli lounge, Kuala lumpur, KLCC, hely launge3 days in Hong Kong
Victoria Peack, Hong Kong Continue reading


Indonesian vs Malaysian Culture: Differences and Similarities

Wayang Golek - Indonesian wooden toys used in pupet shows

Wayang Golek – Indonesian wooden toys used in pupet shows

“Same same but different” – this how people from Sumatra island explain things. Indonesia and Malaysia are similar in many ways, but in the same time this countries have tremendous differences.

The Language

Long time ago Malay people inhabited Malaysian and Indonesian islands. That’s why Malaysian and Indonesian languages are so similar with about 80% of identical vocabulary. However Malaysian language use more Arabic words, and Indonesian – more English and Dutch words because of the years of colonization.

Political System And Social Life

Development of both countries was dependent on colonizers. Malaysia was colonized by British and Indonesia by the Dutch. Continue reading