Rules of Life

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Psychology is my true love. I love to learn how to understand myself and others better. I have been doing it for a while now: reading, observing, reflecting. Today I can say that I have specific set of rules that I follow in daily life and when dealing with people.

The meaning of life is to be happy

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Consumerism as the way of oppression

What is a system? It can be defined as a structure that consists of the set of elements that are connected and cooperate with each other. A system, as a sum of the elements, has more characteristics than each of its components by itself. The society is a system. It is hard to identify what is initial a whole or a part from which the whole is formed. Nowadays we live in the surroundings that are based on neoliberal ideas that penetrate every part of our lives. We believe in the ideals of democracy, natural human rights, capitalistic model of economics. Continue reading