2015 Year in Review

Hi loves,
This year was a bit controversial for me.

People say, a lot of stuff happened in my life during the year. However, I don’t remember many of the things probably because of the eternal summer here in Malaysia. Every day seems the same. Time flies dramatically, though.

Let’s start:

After the happiest year of my life that I spent in Indonesia, enjoying my life fool of freedom and adventures, 2015 seemed very unsatisfying at times.

Many times I was not sure what I am doing at this point of life and what should I be doing next.
Many times I felt bored, tired and confused.
Many times I felt satisfied with the skills I gain, work I did and projects I accomplished.
Many times I felt self-respect for the strength I have.

And how many times I felt grateful for the amazing people that I met here, who inspired and guided me during this year!

2015 year in review:

Came to Malaysia
Petronas Twin Towers, KL, heli lounge, Kuala lumpur, KLCC, hely launge3 days in Hong Kong
Victoria Peack, Hong Kong Continue reading