2015 Year in Review

Hi loves,
This year was a bit controversial for me.

People say, a lot of stuff happened in my life during the year. However, I don’t remember many of the things probably because of the eternal summer here in Malaysia. Every day seems the same. Time flies dramatically, though.

Let’s start:

After the happiest year of my life that I spent in Indonesia, enjoying my life fool of freedom and adventures, 2015 seemed very unsatisfying at times.

Many times I was not sure what I am doing at this point of life and what should I be doing next.
Many times I felt bored, tired and confused.
Many times I felt satisfied with the skills I gain, work I did and projects I accomplished.
Many times I felt self-respect for the strength I have.

And how many times I felt grateful for the amazing people that I met here, who inspired and guided me during this year!

2015 year in review:

Came to Malaysia
Petronas Twin Towers, KL, heli lounge, Kuala lumpur, KLCC, hely launge3 days in Hong Kong
Victoria Peack, Hong Kong Continue reading


TOP-5 Volcanoes to visit in Indonesia

Have you ever thought about hiking an active volcano? To be honest I haven’t. Before I came to Indonesia.

After a year of active backpacking around the country I have a lot interesting stories to tell and useful information to share. Here is a video about what are in my opinion TOP-5 volcanoes to visit in Indonesia.

So here we go, list of 5 most interesting volcanoes to hike in Indonesia:

  • Krakatau
  • Bromo national park
  • Kawa Ijen
  • Rinjani
  • Kelimutu

There are no better or worse volcanoes. They are all very different and they all offer incredible experiences.

If you’ve been to these or other volcanoes in Indonesia, please let me know which is your favourite in the comments below. And if you’re planning to go, – visit Ijen, you’re not be disappointed 🙂

Rules of Life

girl on the beach, holiday, beach, palm trees, paradise, rules of life

Psychology is my true love. I love to learn how to understand myself and others better. I have been doing it for a while now: reading, observing, reflecting. Today I can say that I have specific set of rules that I follow in daily life and when dealing with people.

The meaning of life is to be happy

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Arriving to Indonesia: Sightseeing in Bandung

29-31 of August

Caution picture heavy

Arrival in Jakarta

STISI Telkom, Bandung

STISI Telkom, Bandung

Kyiv-Dubai-Jakarta. I spent 8 hours transiting in Dubai and felt extremely exhausted after arrival. When I was going to the hotel it was 1 am and the only thing I could see from the car was palm trees. I love palm trees, it reminds me about that Bounty advertisement of the perfect holidays in the tropical paradise. Oh and the second thing – the “rivers” on the road through which our car was trying to get to the hotel. What a rain! Continue reading

Indonesian vs Malaysian Culture: Differences and Similarities

Wayang Golek - Indonesian wooden toys used in pupet shows

Wayang Golek – Indonesian wooden toys used in pupet shows

“Same same but different” – this how people from Sumatra island explain things. Indonesia and Malaysia are similar in many ways, but in the same time this countries have tremendous differences.

The Language

Long time ago Malay people inhabited Malaysian and Indonesian islands. That’s why Malaysian and Indonesian languages are so similar with about 80% of identical vocabulary. However Malaysian language use more Arabic words, and Indonesian – more English and Dutch words because of the years of colonization.

Political System And Social Life

Development of both countries was dependent on colonizers. Malaysia was colonized by British and Indonesia by the Dutch. Continue reading

Urban vs Rural Life

Urban vs Rural Life

I have experienced “village lifestyle” during one year in Indonesia. Basically it was a gap year, more leisure, travelling and having fun than anything else. Although I was living in the 3rd biggest city in Indonesia, life around me didn’t motivate me to develop, dress up every day or be ready for conversations about global issues. And all that was a part of my daily life as university student and young professional in Ukraine. And all this was forgotten during my stay in Indonesia. Life there was very simple, I didn’t have to deal with any troubles, just organize my everyday routine. Planning trips and travelling was pretty much my only business. 

After a year of laziness I was so tired of doing nothing that I felt excited about getting a job and developing as a professional, doing something good. I spent 4 month in Ukraine and finally got to Malaysia. I came to an office and during first two days I had lots of doubts and questions about the life I’m going to have here… Continue reading

Trying snake's blood in Indonesia

It happened 365 days ago. It’s how I spent my last B-day 🙂
3 snakes were killed in front of me and I tried kobra goreng (fried cobra) and snake’s blood that was mixed with alcohol.
I can tell that cobra’s meat has the most incredible taste in comparison to others I had chance to tried (dog, bat, frog). It looks like chicken but tastes like fish.